The ED Team is devloping the project, working with the artists and preparing their artwork, training the art and knowledge mediators. Here here a journal on the development of the project.

26 January 2021

The organizing team met to discuss the latest restrictions and decide on the exact measure to imply and the different aspects to consider before selecting the exhibition date.  Also, They started planning the next activity for art mediators ” organizing artist talks sessions with the 4 artists of ED where each will present themselves, their backgrounds , their working processes and concept and most importantly their artworks.

19 January 2021

In this meeting, the team discussed the progress of the production of each artworks and how they can be further optimized logistically and conceptually.

21 January 2021

We had a 7th online workshop with art mediators, where we introduced them to Jamboard as a presentation and planning tool and they used  it to present their latest activity reports. Then we introduced them to Pecha Kucha presentation style and we had simulation.

13 January 2021

Artist Oussama Menchaoui along with Safa went TV hunting in the Medina and nearby markets.

12 January 2021

General team meeting to discuss the governmental updates on the COVID-19 restrictions and how shall we adapt to them.

11 January 2021

Khalil along with the production team had a third workshop with  artist Friederich , they collected a total of 64 phones and they soldered them together.

5 January 2021

Online team meeting to prepare for the next Art mediation workshop and the next visit to an art gallery in Tunis.

4 January 2021

The second performance of Rym Hayouni took place in the Medina. Safa along with Achref and Batman has accompanied her during this happening.

29 December 2020

The team met online to synchronize and discussed the planning of each art installation.

22 December 2020

We had an organizational team meeting where we discussed the progress of the project and brainstormed around our communication strategy.

19 December 2020

Along with Art Mediators we visited the eco-lab exhibition ” RASCAL”  about the theme of recycling, by the association L’ART RUE.

19 December 2020

We met with  art mediators in the Medina where we organized a 2-hour cultural activity ” Understanding  the Medina”. Each group of AMs had a list of monuments to find,  a list of objects to photographs plus some field questions to answer. Art Mediators worked together to achieve this game ‘s requirements and by the end all the groups has collected and reached their goals.

17 December 2020

In this 6th workshop session with Art mediators, Bettina gave a presentation about contemporary art and its main aspect and forms. Safa shared some Tunisians artists and discussed their artworks with the AM. Later , Kenza shared an overview of the artistic happening and exhibitions taking place in December in Tunis and Sousse.

11 December 2020

In this 5th session with Art mediators, Bettina presented the key aspects to consider in art mediation such as hospitality, safety, etc… Then art mediators facilitated the brainstorming about each one of those aspects and collected the group inputs.

10 December 2020

We had our 4 th Workshop with art mediators, during this sessions, art mediators shared the results of their  researches on different topics of ” Mapping the Medina” , as well as they exhibited their communication skills in English and in “Derja” while simulating a discussion with either the Medina inhabitants or a fictional/historical character about the topic of e-waste.

8 December 2020

It seems that we will not manage to get all the authorizations to host a public event in December, we probably have to move our exhibition dates to January.

7 December 2020

Our production team, along with art mediators met in the Medina for the second production workshop, assured by the artist Friederich Boell. The team managed successfully to reconnect an old phone screen so it can be recycled for one of the art installations.

6 December 2020

In our third art mediation workshop, we introduced our art mediators to wordpress and demonstrated how we can collaboratively create content. The outcome of the workshop was helping them creating their online profiles.

4 December 2020

On our second art mediation workshop, each participant presented their selected story about the venue of Dar Lasram. Additionally, we had a presentation on e-waste, its nature, sources, toxic components and their effects and most importantly how can we reuse it or recycle it.

3 December 2020

We had the first meeting with the art and knowledge mediators. It is quite exciting to see all these people who are ready to join us in our campaign for more care for e-waste. We are quite happy about the transdisciplinary team from artists to engineers to experienced art mediators who have been working with INTERFERENCE in the last years.

31 November to 2 December 2020

Mohsen and Safa are interviewing all those who applied to become art and knowledge mediator in our project.

2 December 2020

Meeting with the artists again, everyone is eager to come up with good work. We still need a lot of broken phones, a good sound system and the authorization for the place.

1 December 2020

It starts! Rym Hayouni is walking the medina chained to discarded e-devices.

30 November 2020

In the team meeting, we can feel that activities get denser now. Still, there is a lot to do, from collecting materials to the authorization for the sites, but we are all very excited to see the project taking place.

24 to 26 November 2020

Preparations for Rym’s first performance in the Medina

23 November 2020

First workshop with Friederich …

21 November  2020

Safa and Karim joined the artists Rym Hayouni and Oussama Menchaoui to Dar Lasram where they discussed further the display of the installations and the concept behind them.

20 November 2020

Team synchronization meeting online, discussed the needed legal authorizations and the process of coordinating with art mediators.

17 November 2020

Synchronization meeting with all members meeting with the 3 artists.

After personal introductions, we examined together the timeline of the project and its major milestones. Each artist explained the concept behind their work and the eventual display.

13 November 2020

Full team meeting discussing team’s job descriptions and the work methodology and approaches.

November 2020

Finally, we started a regular team meeting Fridays from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

September 2020

We started the discussion with several artists on how to produce remote-controlled.

Safa and Oussama looking for old TVs in recycle objects market Jan 13, 2021.

Second performance of Artist Rym Hayouni. Jan 4 ,2021.

Visiting the Eco-Exhibition ” RASCAL” by L’ Art Rue. Dec 19, 2020.

” Understanding the Medina” Activity with Art Mediators. Dec 19,2020.

Screenshot from the Art Mediators Online Meeting. Dec 11,2020.

Second workshop with Artist Friederich Boell. Dec 7,2020.

Screenshot from the Art Mediators Online Meeting. Dec 6,2020.

Screenshot from the first Art Mediators Online Meeting. Dec 3 ,2020.

Screenshot from the Online team meeting. Dec 1, 2020.

Screenshot from the Online Artist meeting. Nov 24, 2020.

Screenshot from the first workshop with Friederich Boell Nov 23, 2020.

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Call +21651815198, we will come to get them! The ELECTRICAL DISORDER team is searching for shiny CDs that are not in use anymore for an art installation that Haifa Ouerfelli is working on.

Call +21651815198, we will come to get it!

The ELECTRICAL DISORDER team is searching for old-fashion TV’s for an art installation that Oussama Menchaoui is working on.

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Art Mediators

The YOUNG MASTERS`Exhibition is planned for December 2020, but might shift schedule due to the Corona restrictions. We still will start with the preparations. If you are interested in being part of YMP’s Art Mediators team, please fill the following form and add your CV


For the YOUNG MASTERS’ Exhibition, we are looking art mediators!

6 November 2020


For all young artists who are interested in light and media-based art in public space, INTERFERENCE 2020 is launching the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM.

DEADLINE 20 October 2020

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