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08 March 2021 | YM Team

12 days to go! We are meeting to discuss the next steps and tasks, and reflecting on the art mediators’ workshop.

05 & 06 March 2021 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

We are re-activating our group of art mediators again. Besides spending two nice days in nice company, we are talking about the upcoming tasks and start to prepare notebooks with all the information about the artists and their works.

0 March 2021 | YM Artists

We are starting the production again. It feels so good to finally see results after all the month of experimenting and postponing.

01 March 2021 | YM Team

After six weeks of waiting we can finally continue our work. We are planning the exhibition to take place in three weeks.

12 January 2021 | YM Team

And suddenly there is a lockdown announced for this weekend. Now we are obliged to postpone our public exhibition until further decisions are made by the government.

08 & 09 January 2021 | YM Artists

We divided the artists into two groups, so we have enough time to discuss their artworks with the masters.

07 January 2021 | YM Artists

Things are getting real. Today the artists are preparing for the Master Class taking place the next two days. You can feel the excitement rising.

02 January 2021 | YM Artists

It’s the last week before our Master Class. The artists are testing a lot. It is so nice to see all our art mediators being involved in the process.

28 December 2020 | YM Team

It’s the last Team Meeting of this crazy year. We are excited for everything ahead.

21 December 2020 | YM Team

There are still a lot of things to organize. Like every monday during the last three months we met to discuss the artists’ progress and our next steps.

19 December 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

We are using the gained time to deepen the art mediators’ knowledge of contemporary art: Today, Bettina gave us an overview of contemporary art, modern art and realism. Then we focused on art in context. We discussed strategies to start conversations with the audience and how to involve them.

8 December 2020 | YM Team

Because we will not manage to get all the authorizations for our sites, we decided to move the master class and our exhibition dates to January.

5 December 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

We had our next online meeting this afternoon. We discussed the concepts of the Young Masters’ and their development. Furthermore, we talked about which artist the Art Mediators will be working with and distributed some missions for the upcoming week to prepare for the master class.

29 November 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

We continued working on the personal profiles together.

28 November 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

Today’s the day. We are finally meeting everyone in person. The dynamic is great and everyone is excited to be part of this movement.

22 November 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

In our todays online workshop with the art mediators, we started working on their personal profiles for the website together. Find it here.

21 November 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

We prepared an urban parkour for the art mediators today, so they can get to know the different exhibitions sites and collect ideas of how to engage the visitors during their tour. Due to the bad weather conditions, we have to postphone it to the next week.

19 – 22 November | YM Artists

During the next days the artists will have individual online meetings with Bettina and Aymen to talk about their artwork and process.

16 November 2020 | YM Team

Now it becomes tricky: We have to organize the program for the artists, the art mediators, and the masters to join the masterclass in December. We decided in the team that we will stage the masterclass in December and move the public viewing to January, hoping that the Coronavirus is getting tired of hanging around.

14 November 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Workshop

It’s our first meeting with the selected art mediators today. Due to the pandemic situation, we are still meeting via zoom. We introduce the group to the INTERFERENCE history and talk about the upcoming timeline and tasks.

12 November 2020 | YM Art Mediator’s Interviews

We are finally done with all the art mediators’ interviews. Looking forward to meeting you all!

7 November 2020 | YM Artists’ Workshop

We had our second online meeting with the artists where we talked about the production situation, the individual artworks and introduced the group to different sites. The toughest thing of the day: the production budget.

5 November 2020 | YM Art Mediators’ Open Call

We started the selection of the art mediators. The team decided to do individual interviews with all the applicants. That will take some time, but it’s a good way to get to know the applicants and their motivation better and to explain our project, task, and team to them.

1 – 6 November 2020 | YM Artists

The curators had individual meetings with their small groups of artists during the week.

31 October 2020 | YM Workshop

Our first meeting took place online. We had a great time getting to know each other and discussing about the keywords describing the way we work at INTERFERENCE.

29 October 2020 | YM Team

Preparing for the first YMP artists’ workshop, we have to shift to online meetings due to the latest Corona pandemic restrictions.

25 October 2020 | YM Artists’ Open Call

We did all interviews with the selected artists and we are very excited by the interest and wholeheartedness of all the participants.

24 October 2020 | YM Artists’ Jury

The jury met and it took some hours to select this year’s participants.

20 October 2020 | YM Artists’ Open Call

We are more than happy with the amount and the quality of the applications, the competition will be high, we will only be able to accept 25% of all the young artists that wish to join.

4 October 2020 | YM Artists’ Open Call

While we are still celebrating the success of DIGITAL SHIFT we open the call to find students and emerging artists to join the INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS`PROGRAM.

September 2020 | YM Team

We are finalizing the agreements with the GOETHE-INSTITUTE, build a team dedicated to the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM, and started to prepare the program for the artists, the art mediators, and the audience.

Art Mediators’ Workshop. March 5 & 6, 2021.

Art Mediators’ Workshop. Notebooks. March 5 & 6, 2021.

Master Class. Jan 9, 2021.

Zied presenting his work during the Master Class. Jan 8, 2021.

Testing with Yassin. January 2021.

Online workshop with the Art Mediators. Dec 19, 2020.

Second testing with Bastien on site. Dec 19, 2020.

Testing with Bastien. Dec 7, 2020.

Preparing to start working on site. Dec 3, 2020.

First tests with Dorra Laabidi. November 2020.

Finally meeting the Art Mediators in person. Nov 29, 2020.

Imen Cherif, Amin Gharbi, Becem Sdiri and Karim Hatira looking for good sites in the Medina. Nov 24, 2020.

The YMP Team in good and better shape. October & November 2020.

Our first meeting with the art mediators. (6 people missing on this photo). Nov 14, 2020.

Ons Kammoun and Hela Doghri met with a smaller group of artists. November 2020.

Our first meeting with the artists via Zoom. 0ct 31, 2020.


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12 to 20 March 2021 | 11.00 am to 5.00 pm | Dar Lasram


19 to 20 March 2021 | 11.00 am to 5.00 pm | Start: Dar Lasram
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Call +21651815198, we will come to get them! The ELECTRICAL DISORDER team is searching for shiny CDs that are not in use anymore for an art installation that Haifa Ouerfelli is working on.

Call +21651815198, we will come to get it!

The ELECTRICAL DISORDER team is searching for old-fashion TV’s for an art installation that Oussama Menchaoui is working on.

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Art Mediators

The YOUNG MASTERS`Exhibition is planned for December 2020, but might shift schedule due to the Corona restrictions. We still will start with the preparations. If you are interested in being part of YMP’s Art Mediators team, please fill the following form and add your CV


For the YOUNG MASTERS’ Exhibition, we are looking art mediators!

6 November 2020


For all young artists who are interested in light and media-based art in public space, INTERFERENCE 2020 is launching the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM.

DEADLINE 20 October 2020

Please fill the following form and add your CV and some examples of existing works